The beauty and intrigue of belly dance has captured the hearts of women everywhere! Not only is it a fabulous way to move our bodies and express our feminine selves through dance, it brings women together of all ages and cultures in camaraderie and support in a fun and uplifting environment.
Through these pages you'll find class information, dancers for hire for all occasions, show fliers, YouTube performances ... to name but a few things.
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  • Blue Lotus Cocktail Show
    Julianna and the Blue Lotus new show with Live music by Amwaaj.

    June 3rd, 2017 at the Intermedia Arts Theatre in Minneapolis
    follow link for more information.

    Julianna and The Blue Lotus present BlueLtous Cocktail on June 3rd, 2017 at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis


Quick Class Calendars :

Quick Class Calendar

Level 1                  To be Announced                                PM

Level 2                  To be Announced                                PM

Level 3 + Choreography   To be Announced                                PM

Level 4 + Choreography   To be Announced                                PM

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